Horse racing has always been a popular sport because of the fact that people could wager on the races. During the early 1900's people couldn't bet on horse racing and it caused the sport to lose much of its popularity. After several years gambling became legal again and it helped the sport of horse racing to grow in popularity again. Since the internet age horse racing has been able to grow into an even bigger worldwide sport.

Millions of people around the world enjoy horse racing and you can watch horse racing around the year in many different parts of the world including the United States, Canada, Europe, India and parts of Asia. With the sport having such a global presence it's impossible to keep up with all of the horse races unless you have access to the internet. With the internet you'll be able to wager on almost every single horse race in the world and you'll also be able to view schedules, stats and so much more.

We're going to go through some of the popular bookmakers that accept horse racing wagers briefly with you so that you have an idea of where you should place your bets. You want to make sure you choose a bookie that is reputable and pays out quickly.

William Hill Racebook

William Hill Racebook offers a ton of different wagers for horse racing enthusiasts on a daily basis and is one of the top bookies online when it comes to horse racing. Players from all over the world can use this bookie it should be noted that every player will receive a free £25 bet.

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Signing up for an account with one of the above online bookmakers is really simple and should only take you a few minutes. I would recommend joining all of the bookmakers at first so that you can check out exactly what odds each of them are offering. You want to make sure that you can wager on the tracks you follow before you deposit any money into your account. By using an online bookmaker you'll be able to wager on horse racing events around the world instead of just local races. This will allow you to make a nice income from wagering on horses if you spend the time following the sport.

Horse Racing has always been a popular sport due to the fact people could wager on the races. Without being able to wager on horse racing I don't think that the sport would be nearly as popular as it is today. There are horse races held all over the world and in order to be able to wager on the most amounts of races you'll need to use an online sportsbook. If you don't use an online bookmaker then you're not going to be able to bet on races outside of your own region.

There are numerous types of bets you can make on horse races which we talk about in detail on our horse racing odds page. The most common type of bet that you can make in horse racing is a 'win' bet which is simply picking a horse to win the race. Apart from this bet there are about a dozen other types of wagers you can make although each of the other bets are harder to win.

By betting with an online sportsbook you'll be able to wager on horse racing events across the world including tracks in the United States, Canada and Europe. Many of the online horse bookmakers offer odds for roughly 100 tracks and this allows you to place wagers regularly throughout the year. In order to success in betting on horse races you need to do a lot of research and its more imperative in horse racing then most other sports. With horse racing you'll often have 10+ horses in a single race that you need to look at whereas when you bet on other sports you generally only need to analyze two players or teams.

The best way to stay up to date with the horses that are performing well is to follow all of the results from recent races around the world. A lot of websites will have the results from all the past races which will help you determine which horses and jockeys are performing to their ability. The track also plays a large part in the selection process for horse racing cappers and you'll need to always make sure you find out what type of track they will be racing on. Some horses are great on certain tracks, but then they can't handle other tracks for several reasons such as the length of the track for an example.

There are definitely some smaller races and some bigger races throughout the horse racing season and it should be noted that the smaller races are much more difficult to cap. A lot of the time the horses will be unknowns without much experience and it will be hard to predict winners. In the bigger races throughout the year there will be only the best horses in the races which still make it difficult, but you'll be able to find lots of information of the horses in the races which will help you cap the race. Some of the biggest horse races throughout the year include the following.

  • Kentucky Derby

  • Preakness Stakes

  • Belmont Stakes

  • Breeders Cup